Why are you using a balloon?

Three reasons: safety, experience, and environmental impact. The oldest type of flying machine known, the balloon, is inherently safer than other forms of high-altitude flight. By using a pod with a balloon we create a softer and more pleasant journey. A balloon also allows us to float and view the Earth for hours, and we will provide you with all the time you need to fully enjoy your epic voyage. In the end, though, it is not enough just to provide amazing views of Earth. Thanks to our balloon system, we do it with zero emissions.

Where will the flight lift off from?

Although the company is now located in Spain, the system has been designed to operate from almost anywhere. There are a handful of very attractive worldwide locations under study. Selection criteria include avoiding cloudy areas or dull landscapes, while at the same time minimizing logistical problems such as extreme weather conditions. The locations will be disclosed once agreements are reached with the local regulatory authorities. The system can be made to fly from any other location if requested by the customer. Please ask us if you have a particular requirement and we will let you know the conditions.

What will we see?

You will see our home planet, in all her splendor. From your seat you will look through a supersized window from which you will see the curvature of the Earth, the black starry sky in daylight, and the thin blue layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the Cosmos. You will see that the world is not flat and that borders do not really exist. You will see it all reflected in your travelling partner’s eyes.

Will we float during the flight?

The pod that will hold the travelers is very versatile and can offer up to 25 seconds of zero, lunar and martian gravity. It is your choice to include floating as part of your tailored bloon experience. Our flight profile will let you select different levels of gravity. Zero gravity can be very exciting, especially in small doses. And that is why bloon offers it as an option. However, it is not directly related to Space travel. You can feel it independently of altitude. There is no altitude at which gravity is “too low” to be felt. Astronauts often float in Space because their vehicle is actually falling, not because they are necessarily so far away. If you want to try a longer dose of weightlessness we can put you in touch with other providers. Floating can be a lot of fun. But we are convinced that seeing our home planet from Space is in a different league altogether.

What do you consider space?

Space is an arbitrary designation: our planet, and we ourselves, are all part of the Cosmos. Some consider the boundary between Earth and orbital-Space to be the ‘Karman Line’; set at 100 km altitude (partly because it is a round number and partly because it is the approximate altitude at which an object will stay in orbit). Between orbital-Space and the maximum altitudes for airplane flight there is a beautiful region that is often referred to as Near-Space. zero2infinity’s bloon, as well as suborbital rocket vehicles, fly inside Near-Space. Near-Space is the place where looking out the window you see Earth’s curved horizon, the thin blueness of the atmosphere and a black sky in daylight. This experience becomes possible just above 30 km.

How many people will travel on each journey?

Four travelers and two pilots. Each group of two can have their own private space. We respect the importance of the moment and groups can enjoy the time with their loved ones.

How will my seat number be assigned?

It’s up to you. If you prefer to be among the first to fly you should indicate that while making the reservation and we will do our best to allocate your flight as soon as we start (on a first-come, first-served basis). However if you would rather fly once the system has already flown, say, 200 travelers, that can also be accommodated while we process your reservation.

Can I choose my fellow travelers?

We are convinced that the most valuable experiences in life are shared. That is why our system, while providing the best individual comfort possible, has been crafted to facilitate sharing of the experience. The oversized windows allow for two people to simultaneously look at the Earth below with a clear field of view. The cabin space can be arranged to provide privacy to a party of four travelers or to two parties of two travelers.

Can we bring our children to fly?

It is highly recommended. The experience will be a truly memorable one for children and will undoubtly expand their perception of our world and their place on it. Kids younger than 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult.


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